Our Services

  • Design of Support Structures for an optimized production process

Influenced from other branches like automotive and airplane industries, we believe that the most important phase of a product is the production. Implementing production knowledge before the first design step leads to our goal of 'Design to Cost' (DTC). Coming from our product design experience, we also offer specific project solutions for any kind of steel constructions.

  • Risk Management of Support Structures 
We are using well-known methods like 'Failure Mode Effect Analysis' (FMEA) and 'Control Plan' (for Designs and Processes) to provide a complete documented Risk Management. This leads to a defined insurability with lower risk of denial and therefore improves your project management. With the experience of our product line                
'DTC Foundations®' we are proud to offer tailor made solutions for your requirements.
  • Evaluation of the optimum between economics and safety needs

'Design to Cost' is our leading principle for our design policy and therefore one of our main issues is to design as economic as possible. To reach this goal, we combine many interdisciplinary knowledges and experiences. All needed calculations – like ULS, FLS (deterministic or time-domain-analysis), Eigen frequency and sub-modelling – are done in-house to provide the full range of optimization options. 

  • Innovation of new design solutions for more economic installation

We create new solutions also driven by the ideology that everything can be improved by using innovative approaches. Our research department offers different solutions for installation and maintenance of steel structures and recently new solutions are born.

Together with BASF we develop new coatings solutions for offshore constructions using polyurethane. This new way of corrosion protection improves the installability and maintainability a lot. 

  • Opening of possibilities for piling fulfilling the environmental protection

We take the requirements of noise-reduction very serious and so we are using 6 piles per “HEXABASE” – no, not only because of that – but to get smaller piles as a good side effect. And this is not the end of the story: exciting new technologies like drilling, vibration and concrete piles are available and this leads to many open ways to take care about our environment.