Corrosion Protection


Together with our Partner BASF we have advanced an innovative coating system MasterSeal Offshore to market maturity. Cost reduction for the application of corrosion protection and maintenance are possible now.

  • Reduction of anode mass by approx. 80%
  • Reduction of corrosion surcharge
  • Usage of ICCP-System

The coating system is certified for offshore steel protection acc. to ISO 20340 and NORSOK M-501 by Fraunhofer and cathodic corrosion protection by IKS. It is a long lasting coating system that provides a high level of protection in wide range of temperatures and climate conditions.

Primer: MasterSeal P 637

– Suitable for areas underwater and above water
– Outstanding protection against corrosion
– Special combination of active zinc dust
– Very good impact- and abrasion resistance

Membrane: MasterSeal M 814

Solvent free 2-c PUR elastomer
– Excellent elastic recovery
– High level of mechanical properties esp. elongation
– Low glass transition temperature, app. -45° C
– Maintains elasticity from -40° C to +110° C
– Pot-life 20 seconds, stressable after a few minutes

Top coat: MasterSeal TC 681

– Acrylic polyurethane, highly cross-linked
– Provides glossy, closed-pore and smooth film coats
– Excellent weather resistance, light fastness and gloss retention

   for steel constructions