"Thinking out of the box"

Innovations are a mandatory to withstand the challenges in the offshore industry. Enormous risks, harsh environments and rising costs generate a high pressure to develop new solutions for a higher cost efficiency for logistics and technology issues.

We have developed and applied for more than 28 patents in the past five years. Please learn more about them by the following selection of our innovations.

Innovative PU-coating

Together with our Partner BASF we introduce MasterSeal Offshore a certified coating system for offshore steel protection acc. to ISO 20340 and NORSOK- M-501 by Fraunhofer and cathodic corrosion protection by IKS. It is a long lasting coating system that provides a high level of temperatures and climate conditions. The new kind of multi-layer corrosion protection system on a PU-Basis protects against corrosion and physical damages as well. A very high persistence, low coating costs and a reliable protection are the major characteristics of this product. CAPEX and OPEX costs can be reduced significantly by using this new protection system, which has been field tested intensively.

TEXBASE - The lightweight Gravity Foundation


To combine the characteristics of gravity base foundation with those of a lightweight substructure the “TEXBASE” has been designed. It consists of a standard substructure from the HEXABASE type and a basis structure which are fitted with sand ballast tanks. The tanks will be fabricated of a very resistible synthetic textile. It will be permeable to water, so that the filled sand will set down in the tank and be separated from water. The sea floor mounting is a steel pile frame which will be covered by geo-textiles. All six mountings will distribute the full load smoothly into the seabed. The whole system’s dry weight before the installation is between 450 up to 700 t. The ballast’s mass could reach 3.000 t. The TEXBASE does not require time-consuming sea ground preparations and could be installed with simple equipment with minimum level of noises. An alternative using suction buckets instead of feet elements will be available, too. It will deliver more stability and also will simplify the precise alignment of the structure during the installation process.

TEXBASE is a development project together with the steel construction company conferdo GmbH & Co. KG, the Technical University of Middle Hessen and the Franzius-Institute for Hydraulic and Coastal Engineering at the Hannover University.

The project has been realized with funding of the central innovation program (ZIM) of the German Federal Ministry for the Economy. It will be finished in 2017.

(Patent pending)

The "Snake Node"

The construction of X-nodes particularly with large tube diameters is always complicated. The complex cutting curves of the pipe sections have to be worked out very carefully. A new developed kind of cross-pipe connection called “Snake-Node” will make this much easier to do.

Built from two curved pipe sections connected by a simple thick steel plate the forces will passage through this construction element, if the diameter of the curved pipes and their distance will correspond significantly. The used welding techniques will be less complex than that used in a conventional pipe-crossing.

The MOG expect a bright commercial future for this new component in the steel construction and the offshore industries. (Patent pending)

The STARFISH Pile Guide Frame


Typically are simple guide frames are used to ensure a safe and precise pile setting before ramming the piles fort the foundations into the sea floor. The setting is mostly done under water what requires the supervision by a divers eyes or a ROV.

The new STARFISH guide frame will be completely pre-loaded with six piles for a Hexabase structure on deck of the installation vessel.

The STARFISH will be set down on the bottom together with all piles and will align itself by using hydraulically driven supporting feet. The pile guide sleeves could be adapted to pile diameters from 1.8 to 2.98 meter. Depending to the type of foundation between 3 to 6 arms of the STARFISH could be used simultaneously. The STARFISH will help to save installation time and will also improve the precision of the piling process. (Patent pending)

Pile head lock mechanism

Pawl Lock

To lock the feet of a foundation after placing it into the piles heads locking pawls will be used in this invention. The spring-operated pawls will lock into a retaining ring, mounted inside of the pile head.

So the foundation will stand safely until the grouting process will be finished. As a result the crane vessel could deploy to another site immediately. In a special variant of this system the retaining ring will be mounted screwable inside the pile. A precise adjustment of the height of the foundations feet will be enabled.

The safe time will also deliver a significant cost reduction, because the grouting could be done by using smaller and less cost intensive vessel units. (Patent pending)