Offshore Logistics

One Project – one Partner

Together with the Leeward Germany GmbH, a subsidiary of the Leeward Holdings (Spain), we offer a complete project management for logistics from one source – from the planning to the time of initiating offshore wind farms. We find the best solution regarding to costs and quality. For that, our internationally approved logistic experts for on‐ and offshore simulate every step of the transfer process, from the production hall to the final destination. Step by step we analyse necessary workflows and equipment to make sure that your project is profitable.

Our Portfolio


  • Process controlling
  • Preparing roadmaps
  • Transport, loading and finishing On- and Offshore
  • Supervision for loading on-site
  • Surveying for better quality control
  • Supplying transport equipment
  • Management of equipment and acquiring lift-lash material

Right from the start

Benefit from our specialists and their experienced know‐how and necessary equipment to realize your project. From the analysis to the installation, from Onshore to Offshore – right from the start your project will handled professionally. 
The Leeward Germany GmbH and the Maritime Offshore Group GmbH consolidate highly qualified experts and long‐time experience. We have engineers for logistics, mechanical construction, naval architecture, cargo- and transport to provide smooth operations of your project.

Offshore Foundation Installation Vessel (FTI-Vessel)



Our new concept for the Foundation Transport- and Installation Vessel (FTI-Vessel)

The about 200 metre long and 45 metre broad vessel is designed to close the gap between the shore base and the installation site with its economical concept of operation. Carrying 5 Jacket foundations on deck, it will manoeuvre itself controlled by a highly accurate DP-System to the building location and lower down the Jacket with the new innovative heavy crane system. Time wasting Jack-Up operations and “WOW” (“Waiting on weather”) will be not necessary anymore.