Offshore Foundations

The design of modern offshore foundations for wind turbines is allways a great challenge. Wind, waves and the rotation of the big wind wheels have many effects on the foundation's structures. Also the corrosion is a big problem. Completely new concepts to protect the structures must be developed to establish a lifetime of about 25 years.

Generally the costs of the foundations and their installation in a windfarm are expected to be about 40 percent of the whole investment. Reason enough to think about cost reduction.
We met these challenges by devloping the HEXABASE.

HEXABASE - Ready to install

Design to Cost solution for Offshore Wind Substructures

The HEXABASE-Jacket is a robust and effective offshore foundation with an efficient hexagonal base structure, whose characteristics have many advantages compared to other traditional jacket structures. Its innovative form makes the foundation more economically. It offers a much better serial predictability, a more efficient logistic handling and much better lifetime characteristics than any other foundation design concept. A high adaptability to different water depths and wind turbine types will help to make significant saving in CAPEX and OPEX as well.

Key features

  • High adaptability to different turbine classes and site requirements
  • Application of standardized pre-products
  • Cost-effective production due to scale effects
  • Few different construction parts lead to high serial production potential
  • High quality standard due to intelligent automation level
  • Application of an impact-resistant coating against corrosion
  • Adaptation of secondary elements according to customers’ requirement
  • A design optimized for easier transport and installation

Patent no: EP2522780A1, WO2012152483A3, WO2013139816A3

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"The following statement referenced to DNV report "Plausibility of HEXABASE-Offshore-foundation structure" from 06.06.12, DNV Ref. Nr.: 142W9K7-2-EN:

The HEXABASE was considered by the DNV for its feasibility in principle. DNV concludes that the HEXABASE- foundation structure can be realized in principle as shown in the delivierd documents."